Common Plumbing Issues During Fall

Common Plumbing Issues During Fall

Plummeting temperatures and falling leaves can damage your home’s plumbing system. At Skeen Plumbing & Gas, we encourage homeowners to understand the risks their plumbing systems are prone to during the fall season. Call a plumber in Jackson, MS, if you notice any of these fall plumbing issues.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Most people host parties and huge family events during the fall. Food items, such as turkey bones that found their way down your kitchen drain can wreak havoc to your garbage disposal. Such things that are common after parties during fall can weaken your garbage disposal blades. Potato peels can also clog the moving parts of the garbage disposal. Plumbing services will come in handy if you experience clogged garbage disposal during fall.

Frozen and Burst Pipes

Pipes can freeze during fall as the temperatures begin to drop. When the water inside your pipes freezes during fall weather due to the drop in temperatures, it exposes pipes to burst. Frozen and burst pipes are a common cause of emergency plumbing during the fall. Make sure to hire a plumber to insulate your pipes in preparation for fall to prevent such an emergency plumbing situation.

Clog Issues

If you leave your downspouts blocked with debris and leaves, they cannot drain the water off the roof. It then drips or pools water down your foundation. The water then freezes over when the temperatures start dropping during fall, causing an ice dam. It’s good to conduct plumbing repairs routinely to prevent clog issues during fall.

Hire a plumbing company for repairs if you notice any of these fall plumbing issues. Keeping up with regular plumbing maintenance before fall helps to prevent the above plumbing issues. Contact Skeen Plumbing & Gas to schedule plumbing maintenance and repairs with experienced and licensed plumbers. Call us or fill out the online form today.

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