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Who To Trust for Sewer Repair Services

By Skeen Plumbing | February 16, 2023

When you encounter troubles with your sewer line, it’s essential to choose a reputable and reliable company to address them. After all, sewer problems can pose health and safety hazards, not to mention costly damage. You want to ensure you’re getting the best possible service. At Skeen Plumbing & Gas, we have what it takes…

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flooded bathroom Jackson, MS

What To Do During a Plumbing Emergency

By Skeen Plumbing | February 3, 2023

Plumbing emergencies can be stressful and overwhelming, but knowing what to do can help you prevent further damage and save you from costly repairs. In this blog post, Skeen Plumbing & Gas discusses what to do during an emergency plumbing situation to help you stay calm and take appropriate action. Shut Off the Water Supply…

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Signs A Sewer Line Replacement Is Necessary

By Skeen Plumbing | January 30, 2023

Sewer line issues are often complex and require an experienced technician to assess the situation, diagnose the problem, and recommend or carry out the appropriate solutions. Skeen Plumbing & Gas specializes in sewer services, and while we provide top-notch sewer repair in Jackson, MS, there are instances where a sewer line replacement might be the…

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plumbing repairs woman with wrench fixing faucet

Risks of DIY Plumbing Repairs

By Skeen Plumbing | January 19, 2023

DIY plumbing repairs can seem like a cost-effective and practical solution, but there are several risks to consider before attempting to fix a plumbing issue without the help of a professional plumber in Jackson, MS. If you’re considering DIY plumbing, it’s better to be aware of the risks. 1. Risk of Injury Carrying out plumbing…

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flooded yard

Signs You Need Sewer Repair Services

By Skeen Plumbing | December 27, 2022

Property upkeep is a huge part of homeownership. For instance, keeping a close eye on sewer line issues that need to be fixed. However, it’s not always easy to determine when your sewers need repairing. As such, Skeen Plumbing & Gas has listed some very common indicators that you need sewer repair in Jackson, MS.…

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plumber with suitcase of tools and woman opening door

Plumbing Scams to Watch Out For This Season

By Skeen Plumbing | December 13, 2022

The need for plumbing services doesn’t go away even around Christmas time. Unfortunately, plumbing scams can slip under the radar due to all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. These scams typically occur during this time of year when people are busy with family gatherings and parties. Skeen Plumbing & Gas is a…

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leaking shower head

Possible Issues From Broken Plumbing

By Skeen Plumbing | November 28, 2022

Since plumbing systems are in constant use, it’s not uncommon for the pipes to give out due to wear and tear. Regardless of the cause, all plumbing issues warrant a call to your trusted plumber in Jackson, MS – that’s us, Skeen Plumbing & Gas. It’s highly recommended that you get in touch with us…

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Leaking plastic sewage pipe in an old apartment

Why Sewer Backups Are Dangerous

By Skeen Plumbing | November 10, 2022

No homeowner would want to deal with sewer backups. Apart from being a hassle to clean up, sewer backups expose you and your household to a slew of other risks. Skeen Plumbing & Gas, your go-to for reliable sewer repair in Madison, MS, lists the reasons sewer backups are a threat to you and your…

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leaky faucet

The Most Common Plumbing Issues

By Skeen Plumbing | October 28, 2022

It’s not uncommon for plumbing systems to run into issues. The good news is that plumbing issues can be taken care of with help from your trusted plumber in Jackson, MS. It’s just a matter of identifying and fixing the issue as soon as possible to get your household plumbing back up and running again.…

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moving out boxes

Do You Need to Relocate During A Sewer Line Replacement?

By Skeen Plumbing | October 17, 2022

Significant complications such as sewage backups might arise from a broken sewage line. In any case, sewer line issues need prompt sewer repair in Jackson, MS. However, there are certain sewer line complications that necessitate a sewer replacement. The good news is that Skeen Plumbing & Gas specializes in both sewer replacement and repair services,…

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