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Video Inspections

Many times clogged drains are not as simple as removing some hair or grease. There may be underlying problems that cause the drains to build up faster than they should. Skeen Plumbing has the latest color video cameras and recording devices to detect the smallest problems in your drains. All of our Drain Trucks are equipped with cameras, computers and video screens allowing us to detect the problem areas and allows the client to view the problems also. If problems are detected, your video will be available on the web for you or your insurance company to review. We can then work with you to determine the most cost effective way to repair your drains for a long term solution.

When you call on us to unclog your drain, we will also video the line to be sure that we have removed the problem or to spot other situations which may be causing the drain to be a problem. This also shows the client that the drain is free of obstructions before we ever leave the job.Before you buy that house or building, be sure to have us inspect the drains for you to be sure that you are not buying someone else’s nightmare. Drain repairs can sometimes run into large sums to complete. Many people have properties inspected before buying but many times they forget about the drain lines running beneath the home or building.

A traditional inspector does not have the essential equipment necessary to detect these problems. We can save you from making the wrong purchase or give you the assurance that the property you are purchasing will not cost you thousands in unseen repair costs.