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Cured in Place Liners

In the old days, a broken drain beneath the home or the 100 year old oak tree was a huge issue. Plumbing Contractors had to enter your home to repair lines beneath the foundation, you had to move out the furniture, cover what was left and hope the damage was minimal. Or that 100 year old oak was killed by having to dig around it to repair the line running beneath. Well, not any more. Our Don’t Dig technology removes all these problems.

We can reline your existing sewer line making it as good as new and all without damaging anything in your home or the landscaping around it. We were one of the first in the state to offer a complete line of cured in place lining systems that allow us to effect repairs to your line while causing as little trouble to you as possible.

Our diagnostic trucks will video your lines with our color camera systems to determine the extent of the problem and allow us to correctly diagnose the drain issues and come up with the best solution for repairing the damage. Often, we can diagnose the problem on the job and have you an estimate for the repairs the same day. We know how much damaged drain lines can disrupt your business or home life and we will do everything we can to make sure we diagnose and correct the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes, there is no alternative to the old method of ripping out concrete, however, we are committed to attempt to find a solution to your problem without using the processes from a different era.

Whatever process we use, we will video the line upon completion so that you will have the peace of mind that the job has been completed correctly.

These short videos will further explain the technology behind cured in place liners and why they have become the preferred method for repairing damaged drain lines.